~~I am thankful you are in my life Deborah. You inspire me to test the limits (safely) and to be more. I feel great today. I keep rotating my shoulder so it doesn't stiffen up on me. My knees feel so much better getting up from chairs and in and out of the shower. That is HUGE progress! Just one day, amazing! Thanks for getting me going. You showed me I can do it. That was so vital. Thanks for teaching that to me. That I can. You are an excellent teacher! There is no stopping me now!! Shelly S. 54 Year Graphic Designer

I waited until my 50’s before deciding it was finally time to get fit. As an Office Manager at an Accounting Firm, there is not always time to squeeze in a workout but Deborah was always able to adapt to my schedule. Deborah is a great motivator and actually made working out fun. I saw and felt results immediately and truly look forward to my time with her. The variety of exercises and equipment Deborah uses alleviates any boredom what so ever. Carol R. 52 Office Manager

I am a busy marketing executive with a full schedule. Yet through my personal experience with Deborah I am able to schedule workouts to fit my schedule, with focus on the muscle groups specific to my goals, with notable results within 3-4 weeks. She is great at baselining, promoting ongoing interest in supplementing program with a healthy diet, healthy habits, and communicating results. Thank you so much Deborah  Iris G. 57, VP Marketing

"My name is Jeff Hudson and I'm a competitive ballroom dancer. I went to Deborah to address fitness concerns that I have that are specific to my sport (flexibility, core strength, balance and maintaining a lean muscle mass). Deborah has been able to design and implement a specific program that combines massage therapy and fitness training that meets my needs. She continues to demonstrate broad knowledge and expertise while adjusting that program as my goals (and the program) evolves. I consider myself lucky to find someone who is able to translate what I need into a comprehensive program that fills those needs while maintaining an environment that combines hard work, a sense of accomplishment, and just a lot of fun. Jeff H 54, Competitive Ballroom Dancer, Contractor

I started working with Deborah for personal training last year. I have had lower back issues for years and am very excited to be able to exercise without having to worry. Deborah knows what I should and shouldn't do and works with me to strengthen my core. Therefore, almost completely alleviating my back pain all together! I have never been so happy with my shape as I have been since working out with Deborah. She is so knowledgeable and makes it so fun. Her gym has such a variety of equipment that we never do the same thing twice. There is just no room for boredom and I am always shocked when our 45 minutes is up! Deborah and her workouts have definitely put a positive spin on my life! Thanks Deborah!! Diane S., 48, Account Manager

I had a fluke injury to my achilles tendon that required surgery. After time off and some exercises to return my leg to former activities, I discovered that my calf would lock up and cramp after a few miles of jogging or less than a half mile of running. I was very concerned that this fluke injury might have significantly diminished my athletic pursuits for the rest of my life. Deborah's skills have returned me to my prior running fitness, and I recommend her services to get you or your loved one back to their prior fitness or minimize any pains you have so that you might enjoy a better life. Tony A., 54 Investor

It's seems to be just as fun and interesting to workout with a buddy!

Generally others can inspire and push you! Group classes are just as easy and affordable to set up!

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