Barb, 60 yr old, nurse


~~What sets Deborah apart from other personal trainers is that she cares. When a person cares they put effort into their craft and into you. Deborah does a complete assessment and tailors the workout to your needs. She will design a program that will address your strengths and weaknesses. If she can't figure out what's going on with you she'll research the problem. Deborah is enthusiastic, encouraging and will always promote your well being. She looks at her clients in a holistic way. You won't go wrong working with Deborah Mcdevitt..

Go "Glo"

Dedicated to Achieving Results

~~I met Gloria, "Glo" in February shopping at Bare Minerals. She is a full time assistant manager, as well as wife and mother. She wanted a personal trainer that understood her fitness goals. Being in her 40"s she was being extremely conscientious and wanted to focus on proper body mechanics, core, stabilization of her joints and well rounded exercises that would develop her cardio endurance, flexibility and strength. She has achieved all that and more by coming 2 x's /week. She is empowered with the education of proper movement and what that feels like in her body. She has never been injured with our exercises, maybe a little sore at times, which she loves! She is a shinning example of committing herself to health & fitness and the dedication that is required to achieve RESULTS!

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